The Natural Dark Brown Hair Solution: How to Use EarthDye


Have you been looking for a natural alternative to using harsh chemicals to colour your hair dark brown? You are fortunate. You’ve been hunting for an all-natural, plant-based product, and EarthDye’s natural dark brown hair dye is it. By using just the natural goodness of plants, allows you to say good-bye to ammonia, PPD, and metallic salts and welcome to shiny dark brown hair.

What Is EarthDye Natural Dark Brown Hair Dye?

You say you wish to colour your hair a deep, rich brown without using chemicals. The ideal remedy is EarthDye natural dark brown hair colour. Without using harsh chemicals like ammonia or PPD, this plant-based hair dye will convert your grey, white, or blonde hair a rich, dark brown colour.

All-Natural Ingredients

Henna, indigo, cassia, and other plant extracts are just a few of the all-natural components found in EarthDye’s dark brown hair colour. Without chemicals, your hair won’t be harmed, and your scalp won’t be irritated. Your hair is truly conditioned by the natural components, which makes it feel supple and healthy.

Customizable Color

Do you want a colour that is lighter or darker? No issue. By changing the amount of product you use, you can alter the shade. Use a less amount of hair dye for lighter brown shades. Apply more of the product for darker brown tones. In either case, you’ll obtain a colour that looks natural and matches your skin tone.

Long-Lasting Results

Deeply penetrating your hair shaft, the natural plant pigments in EarthDye hair dye deliver vibrant, long-lasting colour. Before roots start to show, your new brown colour should last 4 to 6 weeks. Reapplying the hair dye will merely revive your colour. Since this solution doesn’t include any chemicals, there’s no need to be concerned about a demarcation line or colour build-up.

The healthier method to achieve your desired deep brunette shade is with EarthDye dark brown hair dye, which has an all-natural process, customisable colour, and long-lasting results. You’ll be glad you switched to this chemical-free hair colour solution for your hair and scalp.

How to Mix and Apply EarthDye Dark Brown Hair Dye

It’s time to be creative and create your own shade of that rich, dark brown colour. Get ready by gathering your tools, including gloves, a mixing bowl, a brush, clips or ties to divide your hair, a towel, and of course, EarthDye.

Put on the gloves first. Then measure out 100g of powder and gradually add warm water, fully combining until you get the appropriate consistency. For most people, 60–80 ml of water will be plenty. It should be thick enough to evenly cover each hair strand without dripping.

Part your hair into manageable sections, then clip up any sections you aren’t using. Start at the roots and work your way to the ends while applying the dye with a brush. In particular, pay attention to the roots and ends of each area because those are where colour might fade the quickest.

For optimal effects, let the colour soak for 2 to 4 hours after application. Your brown tone will become darker and richer the longer you wait. Until the water is clear, rinse the extra dye away with it. To get rid of any leftover residue, shampoo your hair.

Enjoy your new natural brown mane while maintaining your usual style! Over the course of the initial washings, the colour will continue to develop. You can re-dye every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the freshness of your brown tint. You can achieve the nuanced, multi-dimensional tones of a professional dye job as well as fade-defying colour without causing damage with EarthDye, all in the convenience of your own shower.

Tips for the Best Results When Using EarthDye

The following advice will help you get the best results from your EarthDye natural dark brown hair dye:

On damp, towel-dried hair, apply the colour. Ensure that there is no product buildup and that your hair is clean. Richer, deeper colours are possible since dye is better absorbed by wet hair.

Use a tinting brush to apply the colour in sections to your hair. Work in small groups, evenly coating the threads from the roots to the ends. As you work, use clips to keep portions separated. Concentrate on fully soaking grey hairs.

The darkest colour requires at least two hours of wear. Your effects will be darker the longer you keep the dye on. After two hours, check your hair in the mirror to see whether you want to keep it on longer to get the desired level of darkness. When ready, rinse.

Rinse your hair in water until it is clear. To remove any extra colour, gently shampoo your hair, then condition as usual. any desired style.

For the first few washes, minimise washing. Limit washing to every two to three days throughout the first week to let the colour to fully develop. To maintain the vibrancy of your new tone, use shampoo and conditioner that protects colour.

Reapply if necessary. Reapply EarthDye once a week to cover new grey growth or revive your colour because it fades gradually. Your shade will get progressively darker as you apply more frequently.

With colour development, have patience. Because EarthDye is a natural, progressive dye, results will develop with continued application. Your new shade can first appear a little bit lighter, but it will grow darker with each application. Limit UV and sun exposure because they can fade the colour.

You can use EarthDye natural dark brown hair dye to achieve the most realistic-looking, salon-quality results by paying attention to these helpful hints. You’ll be grateful that you chose to use such a chemical-free, non-damaging product on your hair. Enjoy your shiny, luxuriant new mane!

What to Expect: The Dark Brown Hair Coloring Process

You’ve made the conscious decision to dye your hair a dark brown natural colour with EarthDye. What can you anticipate from the procedure? Here is a brief summary of what to expect:

Do a patch test on your skin first to check for any negative reactions before continuing. You can start once you’ve determined that you won’t be irritated.

Mixing the Dye

Warm water and the full EarthDye pouch’s contents should be combined until they resemble yoghurt. Use around half a cup of water for shorter hair. Use 3/4 to 1 cup for hair that is longer or thicker. Until you achieve the appropriate consistency, add water 1 tablespoon at a time, fully combining after each addition.


Utilising the provided tinting brush, apply the dye, combing it thoroughly into your hair from roots to ends. For even coverage, pay close attention to your hairline and roots. For optimal results, let the colour soak for two to three hours. One to two hours can be adequate for brown colours that are lighter.


Warm water should be used to rinse out the extra dye until the water is clean. After shampooing out any lingering buildup, condition your hair as usual. When possible, refrain from washing for the first several days after dyeing to give the colour time to fully develop.


You might observe some more dye washing out when shampooing in the days after your dye application, or the colour might seem a little darker. This is expected and normal. The colour will stabilise and settle to the shade depicted on the product package or in your custom blend within a week. EarthDye’s natural dark brown colour can last 4 to 6 weeks with good maintenance and conditioning before a touch-up is required.

With a few easy steps, you’ll be sporting your new rich brunette shade in no time using EarthDye’s chemical-free dark brown hair colour. With a colour you can feel good about using on your hair and body, let your true beauty come through.


Now that you know how to darken your hair naturally without using harsh chemicals, you can do it. Dark brown EarthDye hair dye offers brilliant colour without causing harm. You still obtain rich, dark brown hair while avoiding the aggravation that most commercial dyes cause. The best part about using EarthDye is how soft and healthy your hair will feel as a result. There will be no more brittle, dry strands; only naturally lustrous, healthy hair. EarthDye has you covered whether you want to accentuate your natural dark brown colour or hide the greys. Take control of your hair’s maintenance with an organic product that produces salon-caliber results. You’ll be happy you switched to natural hair, as well as your hair.

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